Live Bee Removals

We typically remove swarms for free. If we are able to capture the swarm you have found, we will give you a jar of this season’s honey. Relocating swarms into our apiary gives the bees the best chance of survival. We will give them a good home. Also, the faster you get in touch with us the better. Swarms normally move on after 24 hours, some times sooner. Getting in touch with us as quickly as possible helps prevent them from moving into a structure such as a soffit, wall, ceiling, or even the hollow of a tree.

You can find pictures of some of the different swarm removals that we have performed in the gallery below. You can also visit our YouTube channel by clicking here to see video of some removals. Removals from structures are not free and the price will be determined on the difficulty of the removal. Contact us for more information.

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