Overwintered Five Frame Nucleus Colony (Deposit Only)


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A five frame nucleus colony comes with five frames of drawn comb.  Two frames are food/honey frames, and three of the frames will contain various stages of baby bees, eggs, larvae, and capped brood.  Each five frame nucleus colony comes with a mated queen. (You can choose to have your queen marked for an additional charge.)  You can purchase a transport box, or provide your own to transport your new colony.  We will contact you a week ahead letting you know when to pick up your nucleus colony.

Specify your pick up location above.  Delivery is weather dependent and is tentatively scheduled for May 6 in Carlisle, and May 13 in Shippensburg.  Specify pickup location by checking the appropriate box above.

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We are a state inspected apiary and are licensed to sell nucleus hives as well as queens.